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The Aqueduct

The Section is seeking articles for submission to its newsletter known as The Aquaduct.  The Aquaduct has previously been a hardcopy newsletter that was mailed out quarterly to NJ-AWRA members.  The new version will be electronically and directed to individual member e-mail addresses.  The following criteria will be considered for submitted articles:

·      Author must be a current member of the Section


·      Articles should be on a water-related topic (planning, science, policy, etc.) on a current or recent work-related project.


·      Article summaries should be no longer than 3 paragraphs.  NJ-AWRA will host the entire digital report/article of up to 10 megabytes on its website (pdf format preferred).  Images can be sent as jpgs.  Or if you have an external weblink to your entire report/ article that would work as well, so long as the summary is included as a separate document.


·      Articles should summarize the topic (company, agency, organization, funding source, purpose, outcome/project status, etc.) 


·      Article summaries and entire report/article are to be submitted to the editors of the Aquaduct at the following e-mail address: njawra@gmail.com


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